Mercer Island, Family Photograper~ Daniel, Carmen and Boo

I have known Daniel, Carmen and Boo’s mom for more than 10 years.  Watched her date, marry and then have three amazing children. I haven’t gotten to know her children up the day of our photo session.  I usually take time to get to know kids a little bit and gain their confidence before shooting. but this day the showed up and we talked a little and then began our session.  The kids were arranged on a bench their dad hung out so often while they played. Sadly their dad, Nate was taken from them just this past year through a boating accident.  The bench was very special to them.

The boys were easier to warm up to, but little Carmen was very shy and adorable.  We took a lot of pictures that day and towards the end of our time together the kids started to feel more at ease.  Isn’t that always the case?  That time of playing and getting to know the children a little before I actually take photos is so important to me, as it becomes easier to elicit the kind of expressions I am looking for. We did get some beautiful images of the kids, however.  The good thing is that we have part two of our photo session to come in a few weeks and I will have more time to get to know them even better.

untitled-1Here they are! Boo, Carmen and Daniel, three amazing kids.

untitled-2untitled-3untitled-4This is Boo, a handsome little man.

untitled-5Daniel is the oldest and has amazing eyes.

untitled-6This is Carmen. She is so shy and yet so lively. untitled-7This is the kind of photo I love, where the kids are relaxed and begin to play with me.

It was such a pleasure to meet these little ones and I get to see them again soon when we do the second session of photos.  Looking forward to it.

Joanne Thomas


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