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Recently I joined a the Rainier Hills Photography Club affiliated with Photographic Society of  America and Northwest Council of Camera Clubs.  They meet once a month.  Each month an assignment for the month is posted on the website.  Last month the subject matter was “view through a window”.  I interpreted this to mean what I saw through a window, not a reflection on the window or of the window itself although a part of the window had to be in the photo.

Here is the photo I entered: untitled-1-9It meets the requirements of having part of the window in the image.  I shot this image through my stable. I stood back from the window to catch part of the frame.  I was delighted to discover that not only did I pick up a reflection of the trees behind me I got a fairly clear image of my model standing just outside the door of the stable.  I really thought I had a chance at being selected for Judges Choice or Peoples Choice and I got nothing. While it is a very creative image it is not what they were looking for, I guess.  But I like it and that is all that matters. I have used this same point of view on two other occasions.

Friends 14 Friends 15These images are from the first time I used this point of view.  I was going a session for friends.  It was winter time.  I just thought it might work and it did.

untitled-3untitled-1-11I took the above images on a warm winter day.  A photographer friend of mine came over to my house and we wrapped my model in plastic.  We then photographed her in different ways.  This was the second time I used this window to shoot through.  My images were pretty overexposed, however, I liked the result.

untitled-1-59 untitled-1-58Both of the above images were also shot through the window.  I was doing a senior session at a familiar location and then we came to do a few shots at my home which has a park area I use for photo sessions.  I was just trying out the location for portraits and was quit pleased with the result.  The senior was as well.

Can’t wait to do the next entry to the club for judging.  I am determined to get Judges Choice. I will keep trying.

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