Kids Playing

I nanny for one of my girls three days a week. I love to photograph kids so I always have “models” to photograph. Unfortunately, it is always the same kids recently.

I had back surgery in January and as a result had some interesting and not fun side affects. It has taken me five months just to feel well enough to do my photography business. I did do a nice commercial job which was geared to how well I felt and only once a week. It was educational and so much fun and I experience less pain while photographing.

Now back to photographing kids. I find them so unconcerned about all that is happening in the world and just having fun. I love that I can watch them and learn how to play again through them. I am also, amazed at what black and white brings out in a photo and sometimes color just isn’t needed. Theses are my latest efforts.

tootsie pop1  untitled-1-2untitled-15   untitled-6-2  untitled-8 untitled-10 untitled-11  untitled-13 untitled-14 xplays Xruns Yum Yum2 untitled-5-2   untitled-7-2  untitled-7    So out of order.  I am so rusty at my blog. That”s what I get for staying away for so long.


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