I am a Portrait Photographer.  I capture a moment in time to make a memory. It is my joy to photograph a couple from engagement and the wedding, the beginning of  their family and through many years of family life. Let me take your picture.

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  1. Lance Eckels says:

    Love the blog. Any comments on how to get started. Also, how do you do a watermark.
    P.S. I only have Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, but I have been thinking about getting “Lightroom?”

    • Thanks for stopping by. On getting started–I probably changed themes about six+ times until I found one I like I like the larger type and the bigger area for the blog and pretty plain otherwise. I will figure out the rest as I go. I find new things to tweak every day. I made my watermark in Photoshop. I opened a transparent page in the size of 3000 pixels wide and 2400 pixels high. I used the font I liked, downloaded from a typefont website like http://www.dafont.com or http://www.fontface.com. I used a large size, 200pt for my name and a little smaller for the “photographer” and copyright. I put each on a different layer so I could adjust them. I then used the Rectangular Marquee tool and put a rectangle around the lettering and then clicked on edit and then on Define Brush Preset. I then click on the brush tool and open the watermark–usually the last brush on the palette. Once it is open, look up at the brush selection box and find a little arrow indicating a drop down menu on the upper right corner of the box. Scroll down to Save brush preset and click. Once it is saved you can use it. It is necessary for this to be made with a large size type as the brush tool does not keep the brush from getting pixilated in the larger sizes –unless it is a large size to begin with–has to do with vectors. You can change the size, change the color and the opacity every time you use the tool. I am going to make a watermark using layers as well maybe save the actions and make it an action. I have had Elements 3 before I got photoshop. I am not sure what the capabilities of Elements 8 are. You may be able to make a brush tool or not. Just have to try it out. I will post the process for making an action on photoshop as well. I really recommend Light Room. It is not an expensive program, compared with Photoshop. It is an excellent editing tool and I think there is a way you can make and use a watermark in Light Room as well. I will check that out. Eventually, I hope to have a lot of links to resources that are very helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. damesie says:

    Love your blog Joanne!!!! Will be watching for tips!!! regards, Sydney

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