Adding Texture to Your Photography

Adding textures to photographs in photo shop is fun and challenging.  First find and make a folder of textures on your computer.  If you Google free textures, you will discoverer numerous sites with gorgeous textures.  It is a good idea when you download the texture that you rename the texture to give credit to the creator.  I have several textures that I downloaded when I was learning and I didn’t know how to rename them or even that I needed to give credit.  I have learned since to so that.  If someone recognizes any texture I use and they are the creator I always hope they will let me know so I can give  due credit.  Many people allow a free download of texture and like to have you share what you did with it.  It encourages them to continue to create they wonderful work.  Some good sites to get textures are Skelatalmess on Flickr and Shadow House Creations, both created by Jerry Jones.  Jerry is very generous with his creativity and has a monthly package of textures.  The Coffee Shop Blog is another site with not only free textures, but free Photoshop actions and tutorials on how to use them. The blog was created by a homeschooling mom named Rita.  She is quite talented and has created all the textures and actions on her blog and they are absolutely free.

Ok, so now you have your photograph and your textures, now what do you do with them.  Matt Kloskowski of Layers Magazine, “a how to magazine for everything ADOBE”.  There are many tutorials on the website and a very clear and simple tutorial for applying textures in Photoshop.

Now for my creations.

I took a photograph of a cookie cutter on a piece of white foam core.  The lighting was just the overhead light in my kitchen/dining room.  I cleaned it up a bit in Light Room 3 then exported it to Photoshop CS4.

I opened this texture from the Coffee Shop Blog into Photoshop.

Once the image and the texture are both loaded into Photoshop, I used the move tool to drag the texture onto the image.  I use the opacity slider to lower the opacity on the texture so I could see the cookie cutter image underneath.  I added a layer mask to the texture and with the brush tool, I uncovered the cookie cuter by painting over the cookie cutter with black.  When adding a texture to a photograph, the appearance of it can be changed by changing the “layer style” in the drop down menu right next to the opacity slider in the layers palette.  Play with the layer styles to see what effect you like best.  Fun!

The final image.  I changed the layer style of the texture and dropped the opacity somewhat.

The pear was photographed on a piece of gold foil poster board.  ( At Micheal’s for a couple of dollars).  I like it well enough this way, but wanted to add a little more interest to it.

I added this texture on top of the pear image. The opacity was 47% in the normal layer style.  I, again, added a layers mask and with the brush tool set too black and 10% opacity I exposed the pear.

The results.

I encourage to try textures.  Play with them to see what you like and don’t like.  Play with the layer styles to see what effect that has on the texture.  Check out the work of others for examples of how textures can be used.  Get inspiration and get busy–have fun!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

About ~ ~ joanne.thomas.photographer~~

I am retired, starting a new career. I love shooting portraits. People are so fun and interesting--I try to bring out there personalities and capture them in images. Children are especially interesting little people, who love to tell you all they know and are so uninhibited. I enjoy shooting weddings to capture all the details and emotions of the day. Between photo sessions I keep shooting --to learn, to experiment--to create art. The industry is ever evolving and I want to give my clients the most exciting and lasting images, full of their love of life expressing their personality.
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