Fall Leaves ~ Seattle, Washington Arboretum

Some friends of mine along with my husband and I went to the Arboretum in Seattle–hoping to catch the last of the fall leaves.  Whew!  We made it in time.  The day was cold and the wind would pick up from time to time, beginning the stripping of the leaves from the trees.  We began at the Japanese Gardens.  The color there was magnificent.

After we finished photographing the leaves several times at the Japanese Gardens we went across the street and down the road a bit to visit the Arboretum.  One part of the arboretum was called the Asian Gardens and it was stunning.


Funny thing is that I lived just a couple of miles from the Arboretum for years while I attended the University of Washington and never did I go down to that wonderful placing.  I think my values have changed a lot since then.  I would love to spend some time just wandering the many trails the criss-cross the arboretum on a warm spring day with lots of time to roam.  It is such a pretty place and well cared for.

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About ~ ~ joanne.thomas.photographer~~

I am retired, starting a new career. I love shooting portraits. People are so fun and interesting--I try to bring out there personalities and capture them in images. Children are especially interesting little people, who love to tell you all they know and are so uninhibited. I enjoy shooting weddings to capture all the details and emotions of the day. Between photo sessions I keep shooting --to learn, to experiment--to create art. The industry is ever evolving and I want to give my clients the most exciting and lasting images, full of their love of life expressing their personality.
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2 Responses to Fall Leaves ~ Seattle, Washington Arboretum

  1. Mary Marantz says:

    What a gorgeous location!!


  2. saralonde says:

    What a lovely set! I have such a love/hate relationship with the fall season. The colors are wonderful, but they remind me winter is on it’s way!

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