Running away from home~~

Sometimes you just have to run away from responsibilities, kids and home.  We had a free stay at a Marriott Hotel–so we stayed downtown Seattle.  We couldn’t check in until noonish so we started out at the Pike Place Market–usually we go to the market early in the day, while the venders are still setting up–this day the place was very crowded.  I wanted to do some street photography–did a little but hard to combat the crowds. The glass vendor wasn’t even inside the market, but down the street.  It was a perfect place for the light to shine through his very colorful glass.

I spotted this view through the windows overlooking Elliot bay or as our Duck Tour Guide called it “E-bay”.  The white ball across the water is a spy radar system, called Xban,  which is usually anchored out in the ocean.  It can detect a baseball at five thousand miles away. It was brought to Seattle to be fixed by the Boeing Co. who was awarded a $27,000,000 maintenance contract to fix it. Very tight security around the site where it is being fixed.

The market is famous for its flower vendors. The flowers are grown in the valley where I live or in Eastern Washington.  There are no corporate vendors allowed at the market.  Everything that is sold is grown by the vendor.

The Pike Place Market is the biggest farmers market in the US.  It could be the oldest as well.  These are Rainier cherries grown in Eastern Washington.  They are not as big and pump as other years–due to the cooler weather we are having. but they still taste so good.

One of the most photographed signs at the market and one of the things the market is famous for–fresh seafood and, of course, the flying salmon.  This day it was very difficult to get close to the fish markets as so many tourists and locals were  buying for the weekend or just waiting to see the fish fly.

One street performer watching another street performer–waiting for a spot to open up.

The most photographed sign in all of Seattle.  The second most photographed sign in the Pink Elephant car was sign across from the Space Needle.Street performer in Post Alley and a guy with his computer–Never seen anyone sitting in the alley with a computer before–puzzling.

This sign is another well photographed sing–especially in the evenings with a beautiful sunset lighting up the sky behind it.

Post Alley stretches over several blocks.  It is filled with small eateries, pubs and shops.  The famous wall of gum in in this alley. We did not go in that direction to see it.A street performer outside of the original Starbucks.Here is the first or original Starbucks coffee shop across the street from the Market.  Trier signature coffee is called Pike Street Roast.

Seattle is build on a hill up from the water–this is a resting spot on the climb up one of the streets.

Across from the market toward the water is a park where people love to hang out. It overlooks the waterfront below and Elliott Bat. I small family band entertained there.

She is a good little drummer.

She sang amazingly well–rhythm and blues.  Great to just listen to on a warm sunny day in the park.My husband likes military stuff–so every so many years we venture into the Army-Navy Store–which, by the by, has things from the Air Force and Marines as well.  Guess the name would have been too long to include them all. You can get some great deals on camping equipment here.

This is the door to the old elevator at the store.  The elevator was down below.

By now we have checked into our hotel and are wandering about another part of Seattle.  This is the Seattle Public Library.

My flickr friend RichArtpix has been posting images of readers around New York City.  I was very aware of all the readers in Seattle but only captured one at Westlake Mall. Readers were everywhere, however, waiting at stoplights, leaning against building walls–riding buses.  It must be an epidemic–a good one.

Seattle boasts of police on horseback and is one of the few cities in the US with the police riding bikes. This horse was amazingly tall–huge.  Too many people around its head petting it to get that part of it.

My husband and I have always wanted to go on a Duck Tour around Seattle–today was the day.  This commodore entertained us with his juggling and jokes.  He is juggling cannon balls, but the one he just bounced off of his head is rubber.  He told us –so we wouldn’t try it at home and hurt ourselves.

Yes the sun does shine in Seattle and when it does it is paradise.  It is even pretty good here when the sun doesn’t shine.

Our tour duck.  While we did not see many things on land that we hadn’t seen before–we did learn a few facts we didn’t know and it was a blast driving through the streets of Seattle play loud music, singing and yelling at passersby.  At stop signs people on the sidewalks actually would dance to the music.  It was a huge party.

True to its claims the Duck Tour does “drive” around Lake Union.  The Lake is named Union because is the lake that ties Lake Washington to Puget Sound.  To get to the Sound the boats have to pass through the Ballard Locks to lower the level of water and to keep the salt water from mixing with the fresh–will most of it anyhow.

This is Gas Works park.  It was created in 1962 for the Seattle Worlds Fair.  The Gas Works were already there and they just fenced it off.  This day they are preparing for a huge crowd of people who yearly come to the park to watch the magnificent fireworks show set off in Lake Union.

The little house in the center of the picture is the boathouse used in Sleepless in Seattle. It just sold for mega bucks.

Seattle skyline.

This is a popular view of Seattle–I took it from the boat–but most photographers capture it from Gas Works Park.

There is a limit of 500 house boats on Lake Union.  The gold houseboat with the pillars in front belongs to the owner of Lowe’s Hardware. These are a few of the bigger and newer houseboats.

These are newer houseboats on the lake and feature basements with windows looking out in to the water.  I wouldn’t want to sleep in the basement.

The houseboats were first on the lakes around Seattle because the men who worked there needed places to live–so they made platforms on the water and either built a shack on it or put a tent on it.  There is one very tiny houseboat still on Lake Union that is an original shack built back in the time.

Waiting for the Monorail –built for the Seattle Worlds Fair in 1962, it runs from Westlake Mall (downtown) to the Seattle Center where the Space Needle, Science Center, and Key arena are.  The Seattle Center was the site of the World’ Fair.   The building the Monorail goes through here is a building funded by Paul Allen, built as a tribute to Jimmy Hindrix. Apparently it is the shape of a smashed guitar from an arial view–I have not seen that.  It is a building with many bumps and bulges and different materials all bolted to together. It is fascinating.  I particularly like the iridescent part of the building.

After a nice dinner at Benihana’s, we wandered back to our hotel and woke up to a glorious sunrise.  Those are the Cascade mountain in the distance.  On a clear day, one can see the Cascade Mountain Range on the East and the Olympic Mountain Range on the West.  These mountain ranges trap the weather between the two of them and that is the reason we have the rather mild rainy climate.

We stopped at a sporting good store on the way home and I discovered the pink BB guns for little girls all these guns are kid size.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour around Seattle.

Thanks for stopping by.

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I am retired, starting a new career. I love shooting portraits. People are so fun and interesting--I try to bring out there personalities and capture them in images. Children are especially interesting little people, who love to tell you all they know and are so uninhibited. I enjoy shooting weddings to capture all the details and emotions of the day. Between photo sessions I keep shooting --to learn, to experiment--to create art. The industry is ever evolving and I want to give my clients the most exciting and lasting images, full of their love of life expressing their personality.
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  1. Andrina says:

    Mom these are as good as any you’d see in a tourism brochure! xoxo

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