Newborn Photography in Kent/Auburn ~ Madilyn

Madilyn is the granddaughter of a friend of mine.  When I heard that she was about to make an appearance I boldly asked if I could take her newborn pictures.  She asked Madilyn’s mom and dad and I was blessed to take the images.  It was a hot day in the summer, probably our only hot day.  Madilyn was 11 days old.  The optimum time to take newborn photos is in the first 10 days.  The baby sleeps allot in this time period and after a feeding the babies seem to be in a milk induced coma that makes then so pliable for pictures.  Not so Madilyn.  While she slept really well most of the time, it was not on this day.  She was as good as she is beautiful, however.  It was my second real newborn shoot and I was nervous, but knew what I wanted.  I took as many as seemed reasonable of one pose then moved on quickly.  This was the first image I captured and while it appears she is peacefully and soundly asleep, she is not.  Just for the moment, though, she closed her eyes.

This was close to the beginning shots of Madilyn.  As you can see, she is wide awake.  Bless her heart!!  I just piled some not so well folded towels on my accordion case–yes I said accordion –no I haven’t played it in a while.

When shooting newborns, I try to get close-ups of all the important features, eyes, ears, hands, feet and of course the tongue –well not really the tongue–but–she stuck it out so I took it.

Madilyn must be a little ticklish she seems to be smiling when we handle her feet.

Her little had grasping her mommy and daddy’s wedding rings.Mom and Madilyn.  Babies smell their mom and so I try to keep them away from mom until the last shots.  They want to nurse and will get a little fussy.  Just stop and let the mom take care of her.  It is so important to remember she is an infant and her comfort comes first.

This is soft focus and a tender shot.  Just take shots as mom takes care of the baby and you can get some amazing shots.

I am   at the point where I like to play with presets in Light Room and actions in Photoshop a little too much.  When editing 60-100 images it take a lot of time.   I found it is best to crop in the camera and avoid doing it in an editing program and make small adjustments to your images–of course that means shooting with the correct exposure.  THEN  it would be fun to get artistic with just a few images for the client.

Dad had a special talent of rocking Madilyn to sleep.  I love this image.  It is so full of love and tenderness and Madilyn is so comfortable in her daddy’s arms.It is amazing the effect this dad has on his little girl.  She completely trusts him and feels so comfortable with him.Mom and Dad together.  Not a posed moment–just spontaneous.

The focus is on Madilyn, mom, dad and the camera.  Yet you can still see the love in the faces on mom and dad.

Madilyn in a special dress her daddy got for her.  This was near the end of the shoot and of course she was truly asleep now.  Such and angel.She was so comfortable in the warmth of the summer day and her parents love and the soft blanket she was on.  A great ending to a fun day.  I learned so much about newborn shoots. The best thing I learned is that I love to do them.

I got the fuzzy material at JoAnn fabric and just draped it over some pillows for the first shot.  A bean bag filled extra full of beans works well for posing babies.  Put plastic down to protect the bag under the blanket.  Be sure your room is really warm so the baby is comfortable  80 degrees or so .  I used a white sheet of foam core as a reflector to put the light where I wanted it.  My setup faced south by some open doors.  I had someone stand outside to catch the light and reflect it to where I wanted it.  Taking your time and just moving slowly helps you and the baby stay calm.  I will write more about newborn shoots sometime in the future.  There are a myriad of websites with how too’s to do this.  My best advice is –do it–just jump in and if you fail miserably your first attempt–I did–them try again.  I told the parents up front I was new at this and needed to practice–so they didn’t get their expectation set too high.  They were delighted to get the cd with the images on it after.  That is what you want –under promise and over deliver. I will post some links to my favorite sites for how too’s soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

About ~ ~ joanne.thomas.photographer~~

I am retired, starting a new career. I love shooting portraits. People are so fun and interesting--I try to bring out there personalities and capture them in images. Children are especially interesting little people, who love to tell you all they know and are so uninhibited. I enjoy shooting weddings to capture all the details and emotions of the day. Between photo sessions I keep shooting --to learn, to experiment--to create art. The industry is ever evolving and I want to give my clients the most exciting and lasting images, full of their love of life expressing their personality.
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