Where have I been?

About three to four years ago I filled up my blog up to its limit in photos. I have kept the page all these years wanted to attach it to a webpage and keep the photos on my own server.

Well I got side tracked, by one surgery after another and then a couple other medical surprises which really slowed down my photography.

Now that is all over pretty much, mostly rehabilitating my owies and learning to eat differently remain. But that is a long process, so time to get busy again.

I have so much to learn that is new and different.  I joined a fabulous photography club, Rainier Hills Photography Club, in Bonney-Lake, Wa. It is a great place to be challenged and compete and make a bunch of great friends all interested in photography at every level.

I’ve won a few photo contests and really have been humbled by that.  So I hope to contribute to the club and my friends and other photographers what ever I can and learn from as many more .  So excited to be beginning again  .

Thanks for stopping by!

Joanne Thomas




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